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Ways to Offer Service

                             Ways to help in the Gompa
  • Clean out pockets on chairs

  • Straighten up the cushions

  • Line up chairs

  • Brush off cushions

  • Dust mop the altar floor

  • Dust the Gompa floor


           Ways to help inside - Relaxed
  • Separate Dharma burn from Holy Images

  • Straighten chairs around tables

  • Restock bathrooms

          Ways to help inside - Cleaning

  • Sweep the mats

  • Wipe down trashcans

  • Empty trashcans

  • Take out the recycling

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Wipe out sinks in bathrooms

  • Sweep floors in bathroom


          Ways to help inside - Outside
  • Sweep the stupa area

  • Straighten chairs around stupa

  • Clean leaves off stupa

  • Water plants around stupa

  • Sweep sidewalks

  • Water plants by Buddha

  • Water Emily’s garden

  • Fill bird baths

  • Fill bird feeder

  • Clean windows

  • Pick up dead limbs, throw into woods