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Be a Greeter!

Greeter Opportunity:  “Be the Face of Our Center Community”

Offering a warm, hospitable greeting to all people who enter our Center not only helps the visitor feel welcome but also plants many virtuous seeds in the Greeter’s mind. For some first time visitors, entering a dharma center may bring a variety of feelings and concerns. To see a friendly face at the front door can make all the difference in the world.

The role of Greeter can seem straightforward on the surface but can be a profound practice of appreciating and rejoicing in the incredible merit of each person who comes to our Center to learn and practice.

Being a Greeter adds greatly to the community feeling of our Center and requires that you extend yourself by offering a warm smile, a kind greeting, and a helpful hand and passing out pertinent information to each person who enters our Center. This is a great role for new and ‘seasoned’ members alike.

Other responsibilities include: Counting the number of people in attendance (by counting shoes); announcing Geshe-La’s arrival, keeping an eye out for new people and familiarizing them with the shoe area and the Gompa. Our Membership Coordinator will help walk you through the details your first couple of times so that you feel comfortable in this rewarding volunteer position!

Please email with any questions 


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