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Calm Abiding Review

Repeats every week every Wednesday until Wed May 05 2021 except Wed Oct 28 2020, Wed Dec 23 2020, Wed Dec 30 2020, Wed Aug 04 2021, Wed Aug 11 2021, Wed Aug 18 2021, Wed Aug 25 2021.
6:45 pm Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Geshe Gelek has completed teaching in extensive detail about calm abiding meditation.

On his advice, we will continue to review calm abiding meditation in this 15-minute session before the start of each week's teachings.  

Students may enter this session using the same Zoom registration they have for the class itself. The review can also be accessed on YouTube. 

Geshe Gelek will join us at 7 pm.


From Geshe Gelek’s Teaching on Calm Abiding   for Kadampa Center on September 30, 2020

     Reason to Develop Calm Abiding

"What kind of realizations root out all the delusions from our mindstream or from our life? That is the key question. Vipashyana. Vipashyana will eradicate the delusions. Special wisdom produced by calm abiding or samadhi. Because concentration is developed so much, because of that, the ability to analyze is very precise because the power of concentration allows you to analyze very precisely whatever object you meditate on. If you are meditating on shunyata then the realization of shunyata, it will root out all the delusions from our mindstream forever, for good. That is the primary reason why we are studying this samadhi meditation. If that is the case, concentration is good for the mind. It will make your mind calm and peaceful. Temporary benefit. The ultimate benefit is it will root out all the delusions from our mindstreams. Then we can enjoy an everlasting vacation, never going back."

Venerable Choekyi has kindly provided notes for students to use in review. These notes are set up so each student can download and add to them. The topics within the 9 stages may expand, and she will try to update and repost the form every week or two as Geshe-la provides more information. 

Download notes here.