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Choosing Kindness: Empathy, Emptiness, and Empowerment in Challenging Times

Friday, February 9, (All day) to Sunday, February 11, (All day) 2018

Choosing Kindness: Empathy, Emptiness, and Empowerment in Challenging Times

A Weekend Workshop with Venerable Amy Miller


In our daily lives, we are often bombarded by external experiences that show cruelty and heartlessness. We are influenced by these situations and begin to believe that in order to be happy we need to follow a particular behavior, obtain an array of material items and/or attain a certain status. Little by little, our kind heart becomes obscured by shields; the natural authentic dynamic flow of who we really are gets blocked and twisted and instead manifests as something more constrictive, negative, hostile or fearful. So we escape, blame or numb ourselves to what is really happening. Then the ruminating mind takes over deepening a false veil on our perceptions.

This is the perfect time for practice!

How can we use our vulnerability to generate a strong wish to emerge from our confusion and separation and spark a deep experience of compassion for others? In this program, Ven. Amy Miller will walk us through a path of fully waking up and being present with our pain, fear, aversion and how moving through these less than comfortable mind states is the key to transformation.

Schedule (exact times will follow!):

  Friday evening

  Saturday all day with a break for a brown-bag lunch. Students are strongly encouraged to bring lunch so we can spend the break discussing the teachings.

  Sunday afternoon

Learn more about Venerable Amy and her teaching schedule at other centers at her website.