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Sponsor Venerable Amy Miller's Visit to Kadampa Center

Your sponsorship of Venerable Amy Miller's visit is a great way to create merit. Sponsors are practicing one of the greatest forms of generosity, giving the Dharma, the means to enlightenment -- an incredibly powerful and importnat act.  All our sponsors benefit our entire community by making these teachings available -- how wonderful! 

We offer sponsors the opportunity to provide a dedication, which will be read at the sponsored teaching, and will also be printed and posted on the door to the gompa.


Sponsorship is a two-step process.

Step One  is dedicating your sponsorship (click here).

Step Two  is making the donation (use the buttons below on this page),

Sponsors may wish to dedicate very simply - "For my mother, Rosemary" - or they might make more extensive spiritual wishes, such as ""May these teachings be the cause to liberate all sentient beings," or wishes for the teacher's long life, to benefit a person who is ill - any heart-felt positive intention!  You also can dedicate for more than one intention.

Use our secure online community to donate by clicking your choice below. 

To try our new Text Giving, send KC108 to 73256 and select your level from the drop down menu.

Don't forget to dedicate your sponsorship!

Venerable Amy Sponsorship Opportunities


Awakened Warrior ~ $300

Realized Warrior ~ $150

Insight Warrior ~ $108

Transformed Warrior ~ $75

Sponsor Travel ~ $350

Sponsor Spirtual Materials ~ $108


Venerable Amy Donation Opportunities


Giving Warrior ~
$Your Choice