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Discovering Buddhism: Transforming Problems

Repeats every week every Monday until Mon Aug 06 2018 except Mon Jul 16 2018.
7:00 pm Monday, July 9, 2018

Learn the disadvantages of self-cherishing and the advantages of cherishing others. Learn to employ the special techniques of mind training (lojong) to transform problems into happiness.

Transforming Problems is part of a two-year series of classes called Discovering Buddhism. In this course we explore 13 essential topics in Buddhism, from Meditation to Karma to Death and Rebirth, with much, much more! This is an excellent course of study for those who have the very basics and wish to start going a little deeper into Buddhist philosophy.

DB was developed by our affiliate organization, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, and is taught at Kadampa Center by senior lay students with many years of study and practice. Students who take the course together tend to develop great friendships with their Dharma buddies!

In keeping with our long-standing tradition, Kadampa Center does not charge a fee for any Dharma course. These teachings are too precious to allow money to be an obstacle for anyone to hear them!  We do, of course, have expenses to offer the course, so we happily welcome any heart-felt donations.  No pre-registration is required.


This class is led by Stephanie Smith.

On the first night, July 9, the class will be led by visiting teacher Don Handrick.

The class runs July 9 -  August 6, with a break July 16 for Chokhor Duchen (holy day marking Shakyamuni Buddha's first teaching).

Location at Kadampa Center: