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Family Dharma Camp 2017 Brainstorming Session

6:30 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hello Campers!

Here's your personal invitation to the Family Dharma Camp 2017 Brainstorming Session. If you are thinking of participating or attending camp again this year, or if you have ideas about family camp activities, curriculum, crafts, and all the ways in which we will make this camp fulfilling and fun for all ages, then please come let your ideas be heard! Engage in dynamic dharmic dialogue, and eat cookies!

If you need to bring your kids, they may gather in the orange side of the education building for them to play independently while we talk in the green side.

See our Save the Date flyer below to catch you up to speed on the changes already in place this year according to your feedback for the last few years. I really look forward to hearing all of your thoughts, opinions and ideas. If you are unable to come that particular night, please still do give me a call or email!

With guidance from Geshe Gelek, Family Dharma Camp 2017 will be the first in a four-year series: Practicing the Six Perfections with a Bodhicitta Attitude. Children will develop Loving Kindness and Compassion through the perfections of Generosity and Ethical Discipline. We’ll learn together how to create pure motivation to give to others teachings, love, protection and objects as well as explore what it is to protect our body, speech and mind in order to benefit others.

Christy Batts
Family Dharma Camp Facilitator

Location at Kadampa Center: 
Classroom Building - Green