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Geshe Gelek leads us in Vajrayogini sadhana visualizations (for initiates only)

12:00 pm Saturday, November 19, 2022


Geske Gelek has kindly accepted our request to lead us through the visualizations in the Vajrayogini sadhana.  

This special opportunity is open only to students who have taken the full Vajrayogini initiation. 

Approximately 12:00 noon on Saturday November 19, immediately following Khensur Rinpoche's teaching on the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation.

This session will be offered both in person and online via Zoom and YouTube live stream.

Download a copy of the Vajrayogini sadhana here.


While this session will begin immediately following the teaching on the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation, we do not have an exact start time.  We hope that students who received the full Vajrayogini initiation are able to join this special session Geshe-la has generously offered to provide for us.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility.