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10:30 am Sunday, November 25, 2018

In Buddhism, we practice offering a mandala - a whole jeweled universe of the best of everything - to our teachers and to the Buddhas.

Geshe Sangpo reminds us that this is a wonderful practice for earning merit.

On this Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, we'll offer a special mandala, created from items our members donate to benefit Interact. We'll learn about the practice, and use our day to benefit others! 

Everyone is invited to bring their items in by November 25. We will take all the items into the gompa on this day, and offer them on behalf of all our members as part of the mandala, then take the collected items to InterAct.

Items to be collected in our lobby now until Nov 25:

  • Bath Towels
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Gas Cards
  • Hair Shampoo/Conditioner (Full Size)
  • Women’s Socks/Underwear

Sunday mornings typically begin with prayers and a brief meditation.

Sunday is a great time for a first visit to Kadampa Center – students at every level come, from newcomers to practitioners with 30+ years of experience, and it's a great opportunity to meet others and start making new friends.

Led by Christy Batts, coordinator of our Family Program