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Kadampa Center Prison Project Event: Movie "The 13th"

7:00 pm Thursday, February 16, 2017

Join Kadampa Center Prison Project Team for a screening of the movie, The 13th. The movie is a provocative a mix of archival footage and testimonies from activists, politicians and historians. It examines why the US has produced the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with the majority of those imprisoned being African American. The title of the film refers to the 13th amendment to the constitution: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.”

Watch the trailer:

We'll watch the movie and then the Prison Project Team will lead a discussion and talk a bit about what we are doing both in the prisons and as part of reentry efforts in Wake County.

Location at Kadampa Center: