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Lamrim Discussion - Four Point Analysis

Repeats every 2 weeks 5 times .
7:00 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2019

During Geshe Gelek's absence, he advised us to take a break and also continue to explore the four point analysis of the self. 

We will meet for one hour every second Wednesday (instead of weekly) to discuss and debate our understanding of the material.

Before each session, we will read a few pages from Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand at home (see schedule below).  This is a loose schedule - if we end a session feeling that there's more to discuss, we'll pick it up again the next time we meet.

Schedule of readings

May 15:  Blue book, page 626, Tan book, page 683  Day 22, Section 417 The First Key Point: What is to be refuted, 2 pages, ending at the paragraph that begins "In general there are three ways..." 

May 29 and June 12:  Day 22, Section 417  The First Key Point.  Blue book page 626 to 632, Tan book, page 683 to page 60.

June 26:  Blue book page 632, Tan book, page 690, 3 pages, read both The Second Key Point and the Third Key Point in their entirety.

July 10:  Blue book, page 636, Tan book, page 693, 2 page, read The Fourth Key Point in its entirety.