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Sangha Appreciation Day

Repeats every year until Sun May 19 2019 except Sat Mar 30 2019. Also includes Sun May 19 2019.
10:30 am Sunday, April 15, 2018


Kadampa Center is rarely and uniquely blessed by having so many ordained Sangha in our community. We have two precious resident teachers, Geshe Gelek and Geshe Sangpo, who came to us from Sera Je Monastery in India. We also have three local nuns, Ven. Lhamo, Ven. Khando and Ven. Choekyi, as well as Venerable Tendron ("on loan" to our sister centers in Florida), all of whom were lay members of our community before ordaining.

Today we will rejoice in our Sangha and all they add to our community! 

Our nuns will be on hand to talk about their experience choosing to ordain and living in vows, and we will also talk about our Geshes, what it means to be a Geshe, and how they came to join us here in North Carolina.

Come and get inspired!

It’s also an auspicious time to make offerings to our sangha!  

Location at Kadampa Center: