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Songs of Spiritual Experience

Repeats every week every Wednesday until Wed Jun 14 2017 except Wed Jun 07 2017.
7:00 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2017


     "I, a yogi, have practiced in this manner;

     You, who aspire for liberation, too should do likewise."

With these words, Lama Tsongkhapa concludes each point of the path to enlightment that he lays out in the beautiful text Songs of Spiritual Experience. This text  touches on all the essential points of the Lamrim, from devotion to our spiritual mentor through understanding impermanence, karma, renunciation and so on up to developing single-pointed concentration and generating the wisdom that perceives emptiness.

On Wednesdays, Geshe Gelek will teach from Songs of Spiritual Experience, a condensed version of the Lamrim in 45 stanzas. Download the text here.

(Coincidentally, there is a book in our bookstore with the same title, a lovely book, but it is not a commentary on this text.)

Location at Kadampa Center: