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Tara Practice Day Online

Repeats every month on the third Saturday until Sat Dec 31 2022.
10:00 am Saturday, October 16, 2021


Protector, remover of obstacles, model of enlightened activity, inspiration to Lama Atisha - Tara is all of these. Doing Tara practice clears obstacles in our spiritual lives and helps us attain our positive goals, both spiritual and mundane.

Tara is a female Buddha whose qualities include enlightened action and swiftly removing obstacles (Tara's 21 aspects are represented in statues on our altar).

Geshe Gelek will lead us in this morning of Tara practice, using the prayers one would say in Tara retreat.  Venerable Lhamo will assist Geshe-la.

We will have two sessions, beginning at 10 am, taking a brief break from the screen and returning for a second session.  

Kadampa Center has a special relationship with Tara, according to Sera Jey Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek, our Geshes' teacher, who consecrated our Tara statues during a visit to Kadampa Center.  Here is an opportunity to deepen our connection to her!

We will do this practice via Zoom, which will allow us to display the text for all to participate.  There will be no YouTube streaming.

Registration is required to join the Zoom session. This helps protect the session from "trolls" and helps protect participants' security.  

Register here in advance for this practice.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Sponsoring the practice

Supporting practice benefits not just the Center and those who attend, but it also greatly benefits the donor, who collects the merit of giving the Dharma, and thus creates the causes to meet the Dharma again.

Sponsoring pujas and practices is a two-step process

Step One  is dedicating your generosity (click here).

Step Two  is making the sponsorship donation (click here)

Dedications may be very simple - "For my mother, Rosemary" - or they might encompass more extensive spiritual wishes, such as "May these teachings be the cause to liberate all sentient beings," or wishes for the teacher's long life, to benefit a person who is ill - any heart-felt positive intention!  You also can include more than one intention in your dedication.