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Linda Saah

Linda Saah found Buddhism and the Kadampa Center around the turn of the century and became an avid student in 2006 when she embarked on the Discovering Buddhism course offered at the center.  Linda is ever grateful to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the Kadampa Center, its Sangha members and to all of the many teachers who continue to enable her spiritual growth and development.  Linda has been contributing in a big way to the spiritual and community life of Kadampa Center for more than a decade. She co-coordinated the Family Program with Erin Sloan for many years, and she has been managing the Discovering Buddhism program for three years, as well as serving on our visiting teachers team.
As Assistant Spiritual Program Coordinator, she is in charge of coordinating FPMT curriculum courses (Discovering Buddhism, Buddhism in a Nutshell, Meditation 101 and Exploring Buddhism), holy days and holidays, and Sunday morning teachings.


Teaching Role(s):