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Merit Makers

Last week’s Potluck and Celebration for Geshe Sangpo was a great success, with so many coming to share in the festivities. Thanks to Venerable Khando, Tim, Kim, Jill Marie, Patti and Hemant, Sandy and John, David and Elise, Christina, Louise, Suzanne, Dwight, Michael, Chris, Anna, Joey, Donna, Octavio and Karen, Ray, and all those who jumped in to help out where help was needed.

   Recently, our dear Sangha blessed many statues and assorted prayer flags and malas for the benefit of some center member’s home practice.

Our gardens are ready for summer blooms, with new plantings of zinnias, marigolds, asters and other pretties. Check out the hostas and hellebores  lining the north side of the building, creating more beauty for all to enjoy, and notice the nicely pruned bushes by the prayer wheels!
   Big thanks to Joey Gooch and Christine Wiecek for lots of advance prep work as well as work on the day, and to

     One of the highlights of Sunday’s teachings is the enthusiastic presence of our youngest generation. The smiles and happy voices joining in to sing
mantras bring many of us great delight.

Our Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche has advised all FPMT centers to do Sur Offering Practice daily in order to be successful. This practice involves the mixing of ingredients and the burning of a food offering to create an aroma offering.

   Recently, Geshe Gelek led a Chenrezig Mani Retreat at the center, during which, more than twenty-three participants recited over 111,413 mantras together while thinking positive thoughts.
   Geshe-la said that there's no doubt that because we did these mantras, it will definitely help our community and Kadampa Center - when people practice and attend the center, it for sure makes a positive

   A big thanks this week to our accountant, Christine Allen, for balancing our books, paying our bills, reimbursing our members, and working diligently with others to bring the Center up to date with some new programs that will be very helpful in the long run.
   Thanks Christine for putting your heart into all you do!

   On a recent Saturday night, our center was filled with wonderful sounds and deep feelings of goodwill, as an interfaith group supporting Habitat for Humanity came together to raise funds and awareness for building projects in Wake County.

   A big thanks to Kim Lillig, our Membership Team Leader, for all of her efforts, including the production of a beautiful, updated Membership Handout.

A big thanks to all the folks who helped make our movie night a success by popping popcorn, selling tickets, setting up, organizing, advertising, operating the technical sysyems, cleaning up, and attending.
   Thank you Elise Strevel, Sarah Brooks, Chris Baranski, Christine Allen, Sandy Carlson, Jackie and Jim Scott, David Strevel, Kim Lillig, Jim Barnes, Jim and Cherie Sutorus and everyone who

There is a good chance that any question you could think to ask about the Center could be answered by one person, Donna Seese. For many years, Donna has been the glue that has held the Center together and helped everyone to know where things were, how things worked, when things were happening, and why.

Discovering Buddhism students arrive on Monday nights to a center that is warm and well-lit, with the gompa ready for class, registration and hand-out materials ready for anyone who needs them, and a friendly face to greet them at the door.
   All this is thanks to our DB program assistant, Joanna Smith.

Our Discovering Buddhism series couldn't exist without the dedicated work of our DB teachers, Don Brown, Shankha Mitra, Steep Smith and Robbie Watkins. They bring the depth and breadth of their knowledge and experience to this two-year course, helping newer students of Buddhism deepen their own understanding.

Our Spiritual Director Lama Zopa Rinpoche has advised all FPMT centers to do Sur Offering Practice daily in order to be successful. This practice involves the mixing of ingredients and the burning of a food offering to create an aroma offering.

For many years, Monday mornings in the office have been brightened and lightened by the help of Susan Daniel, who is both handy with tools and an excellent organizer. For an hour or two every week, Susan turned her hand to whatever needed doing --  sometimes organizing and cleaning out cabinets, sometimes painting, fixing or building a needed item, sometimes helping with paperwork.

We are very fortunate to have a library on site with so many wonderful resources. There are books, CDs and DVDs that cover a range of topics to suit a variety of  interests available to all members of the center. For more than ten years, one dedicated volunteer has been managing all this inventory and helping seekers find the right material for them.
   A big thanks to Liz Rourke for all her time

A very big thanks to two very hard working women, Jackie Scott and Susan Potter whose consistent and sustained effort provides the center with a firm foundation in membership, both now and moving forward. Their deep commitment to the center is outstanding and greatly appreciated.
  Thanks also to those offering them support and guidance along the way, including Donna, John, and Son among others.

  Have you ever found yourself marveling at Kadampa
Center’s beautiful altar? Not only rich in meaning, but also a glowing, glittering feast for the eyes with glistening water bowls, luminous lotuses, and radiant Holy Beings. Behind the scenes, a crew of cleaners comes in weekly to chase off any dust and debris so the rest of us may enjoy the altar’s vast splendor.
Thanks so much to Traci, Guy,

It is such a delight to see Geshe-la’s smiling face come through the door, so a special thanks goes out this week to the person in charge of getting him to the Center on time. Karen Mastroianni heads up a team of volunteers that have the privilege of driving our precious teachers to and from the teachings.

Our Holiday Potluck was a smashing success thanks to all of you! We were blown away by your participation. So many folks brought food, so many stayed to enjoy the company of their friends and many new friends were made. The food was fantastic and the pleasure of having the center filled with good cheer was truly wonderful.
  Thanks so much to Timothy Powell for arriving early, leaving late and