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Merit Makers

       Many students and teachers of comparative religion, from the dozens of colleges and high schools in our area, contact us for help in completing research assignments, inviting speakers to their classrooms, or bringing a group of students to the center. Elise Strevel handles these requests, helping our broader community learn more about Buddhism and the Dharma.              
  Thank you,

       Transformation of the gravel yard continued on a recent spring day, when our crew went to work digging, shoveling and tilling in good soil, digging up and replanting trees and perennials, weeding, and moving and repairing the platform.


       Many thanks to Ven.

As we gear up for the LOP retreat, we have many tasks small and large in preparation. Many thanks to Barb and Jim Morwessel, Jill Marie and Miranda for their help in removing foam from storage to prepare it for the retreat.                 

Thank you, all! 

We have a wonderful new tool for helping our members dive in and get involved -- our Volunteer Spot online signup. Jackie Scott did the research to find this tool and helped those who coordinate volunteer activities learn how to post them on the site, opening the door for many people to get involved.

Thank you, Jackie!

Our gompa has a different setup for pujas than for teachings, and it takes a few people to move things around. When we have a puja on a Tuesday, Suzy Boehm organizes doing the setup after the Monday Discovering Buddhism class -- a great service to those who attend pujas!

Thank you, Suzy!


Our Inside Happiness events introduce the wider community to Dharma concepts that are universal. Many folks with varied talents helped with
publicity, ticket sales, displays, bookkeeping, goodies to eat and introducing the speaker.

When our members are unable to attend a teaching or class, they can still hear it by tuning in to online streaming, or downloading the audio from our lobby computer. Chris Baranski and Brian Dyer -- as well as several volunteers who switch on the online streaming -- are the kind folks who make these available to us.
Thank you, Chris, Brian and all!

Our formerly cluttered storage for Spiritual Programs (aka "Behind the Curtain") has undergone a transformative change, thanks to the decluttering and re-organizing genius of Carol Laing, ably assisted by Susan Daniel.
Bins are clearly labeled and stuff is up off the floor, making it much easier to find and replace altar items.

Thank you, Carol and Susan!

A couple of our members support  our community and our center by offering their professional services to members and sharing the proceeds with Kadampa Center. Our thanks to Patrick McGuire, hairstylist, and Jill Marie, yoga instructor, for their kindness!  

Thank you, Patrick and Jill!

When Venerable Robina was visiting, she sat in a lovely wing chair.
Denise Flora and Tim Toombs kindly provided the chair, bundling it into their van, driving it here, and then reversing the whole process at the end of Venerable Robina's visit.
Thank you, Denise and Tim!

 Our altar recently got a 'facelift' with new adornments and lighting, making it a shining and inviting sight when we enter the gompa. Big thanks to Mer and Troy Stafford for their beautification of the altar!
Thank you, Mer and Troy!

     During Venerable Robina's visit, volunteers from our own community have stepped up to perform the dozens of little tasks and keep everything running smoothly.

A beautiful, brightly-lit Christmas tree adorned our lobby during the holidays, and was tucked away quietly when the season ended. Our thanks to Lynne Ingram, Wendy King, Jill Marie and Tim Powell for clearing it away.
       Thank you all!

        The Kadampa Center Bookstore volunteers are so important to introducing new comers to the texts as resources we offer as well as checking out
customers and we would like to send a special thanks to Ali Burke for all of her hard work!

Thank you, Ali!

Throughout the year we celebrate many Buddhist holy days. As holy day coordinator, Patrick McGinity arises early and opens the Center for taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts, arranges for the Center to be open for individual practices, and organizes other events appropriate to the specific holy day.
Thank you, Patrick!

Our library is a wonderful resource for members who want to read and study and deepen their understanding and knowledge. We also have a
specialized library of resources on death and dying.
       Many thanks to our two librarians, Liz Rourke and Sylvia Hill, for maintaining these texts!
Thank you, Liz and Sylvia!

Our fabulous crew of Kadampa Cafe bakers provides delicious treats for sale on Sundays, and also donate refreshments at social events and volunteer workdays. Big thanks to Laura Asselin, Jim Barnes, Christy Batts, Becky Boyd, Tomomi Freitas, Traci Haas-Thompson, Johnny Hall, Marianne Hartman,
Jill Medford, Louise Miller, Katarzyna O'Lone, Heather Reading, Jaya Reddy, Cathy Schaffer, Siddhi

We were able to present Geshe Gelek with a beautiful, hand-made birthday card thanks to the artistic work of Jill Marie, who made a fabulous one-of-a-kind card.

Thank you, Jill! 

We rely on our board of directors and financial development committee to provide leadership and judgment in steering our center toward the future. Our thanks to Jim Green, who has served with a joyful spirit on both groups. 
Thank you, Jim!

Thank you, Thank you, to all the volunteers that helped feed our visitors the last several weeks -- Louise Miller, Kolleen Mitchell, Heather Green, Jaya Reddy, Christine Allen, Jackie Scott, Scott Miller, and Chantel Smith. The time, resources, and attention you took to prepare delicious meals for our guests is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to show your appreciation for their visit.