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How to Donate to the Center

Every single way we give at the Center plays an integral role in maintaining our community where the Dharma thrives. Your gift of generosity, whether as a Service, In-Kind, Monthly or One-at-a-Time supporter, will benefit our community, and more importantly YOU!                                                                                                                                                                      
We currently have 94 monthly financial supporters that either mail us checks or allow us to draft from their credit card or bank account, others give as they are inspired, one gift at a time while others offer service or In-Kind donations. An additional category this year is to offer Mani Mantras. By giving in one of these ways, you will help create the conditions for the teachings to be available, the doors open and the lights on for all of us who think of the Kadampa Center as home.

Support the Light of the Path Retreat 2017

Without the causes and conditions of your amazing generosity, the Light of the Path Retreat couldn't happen! We rely on the altruism of benefactors who feel in their hearts the benefits of these precious teachings and contribute to ensuring that they are available.

Fill Your Heart Today!    

2017 Annual Appeal letter:

"You are in a quandary. It’s 1990 and you are under a lot of stress. Determined to find ways to work with your mind, you heard of Buddhism..." Read more

A Choice

There are four means of giving that help support our Center.

Service Supporter                     

Service is an indispensable part of our ongoing teachings and programs. Joyful effort keeps our Center thriving as a home for the Dharma. There are a variety of ways in which to serve, with a wide range of time commitments. When you Fill Your Heart as a service supporter, together we will find the right fit for you. Whether you offer service casually, weekly or monthly, your gift will not only benefit our teachers and our Center, it will benefit YOU. With 100+ distinct volunteer roles, the vast majority of effort at the Center comes from volunteers like you. One act of service to YOUR Center is like offering service directly to one’s Guru, with benefits immeasurable!

In-Kind Supporter                   

In-kind support is charitable giving of goods and services. Whether one offers meals for volunteer meetings, a new vacuum for the education building, or financial advice to the Treasurer; it’s all part of what makes our Center thrive as a home for the Dharma. Everyone has something unique to offer and we invite you to find ways in which to become or continue as an in-kind supporter. When you Fill Your Heart by offering In-Kind support to YOUR Center, YOU benefit by creating the cause of generosity towards the Dharma in YOUR future!


Monthly Supporter

If you are haven’t signed on to become a monthly supporter, this is YOUR year to join our 90 existing supporters! A strong basis of committed supporters means less time fundraising and more time spent on programming, planning and fun! If you already give to our Center on a monthly basis, YOU are appreciated!

Your committed gifts of generosity are fundamental to our operating budget. We ask you consider increasing your pledge, if you are able, as our own expenses have increased. When you Fill Your Heart with your consistent gifts of generosity, whether by snail mail, bank or credit card draft, YOU benefit by helping your Center, its teachers and the Dharma to flourish for all OUR future wishes to be fulfilled!


One-at-a-Time Supporter

Options for periodic giving to our Center are vast. You can sponsor a puja or a visiting teacher, donate at a teaching or class, attend a retreat, honor a loved one or make a large or small one-time contribution. Whatever method works for you, works for us. We make it easy for you to go to manage your contributions via your own profile or use new Text Giving while adding loving dedications. When you Fill Your Heart as a One-at-a-Time supporter, we all benefit from your generosity and you ensure the Dharma to remain long so YOU will receive the teachings now and in every future lifetime!


Mantra Pledge ~ new addition for this year! 

Notes from Geshe Gelek’s teachings on the MANI Mantra:

The power of this mantra will nurture our compassion and compassion heals everybody. This mantra is good for us, the Center, the whole world, even animals. It is difficult to generate Lamrim realizations therefore we need a lot of merit. Consistent effort with mantra recitation is an easy way to create vast merit, which creates the cause for happiness. Reciting mantras protects the mind and prevents obstacles.

It is recommended to recite this stanza before saying the mantra:

"Not veiled by any fault, white in color,
Whose head a perfect Buddha crowns with light,
Gazing compassionately at all sentient beings,
To you, Chenrezig, all-seeing one, I prostrate."

So make your MANTRA PLEDGE today!
You may enter your recitation count at the top of this page so we can report our total to Geshe-la at next year’s appeal! 

Other ways to contribute

  • New TEXT GIVING! Send KC108 to 73256 and select from the drop down menu:

    • Sustainer Monthly Pledge
    • Sustainer One Time Pledge
  • At the Center by placing your contribution in one of the donation boxes located throughout the Center

  • Snail mail checks to: Kadampa Center, 5412 Etta Burke Ct, Raleigh NC 27606

  • Stocks to donate? (email

  • Planned Giving as you set up your estate plan (email

  • Memorialize a loved one or Request an honorarium

  • Sponsor a Puja or a Tara Practice

    To donate one time, or set up an automatic monthly payment see link below.
    Your monetary donations to Kadampa Center allow the Center to offer an incredible array of classes in the spiritual program, support our resident teacher, Geshe Gelek, as well as pay the mundane but necessary costs of rent, utilities, supplies, and staff personnel. You may choose to have auto draft checks sent from your bank or set up your recurring transaction on a credit card, a bank draft or you may make a one-time donation all by going to our New Secure On-line Community at the link below.
    Donations are tax deductible, as we are a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.