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Sundays in November: Special Programs


During the month of November, we will offer some exciting special programs on Sunday mornings, during the 10:30-noon period.

Here's what to look forward to: 

November 4:   Geshe Gelek will teach

November 11: Developing self-compassion   In our journey to reduce troubling thoughts, develop our positive qualities, and extend our compassion to all sentient beings, some of us may stumble with bringing kindness, acceptance, and a caring attitude towards ourselves. This session will bring together insights from the increasing body of scientific evidence about the many physical and emotional benefits of self-compassion and how self-compassion fits into Buddhist psychology.
Led by Karen Edwards 

November 18:  Thinking of Thanks   Just in time for Thanksgiving, we will explore gratitude, how it benefits us and how to think about it in a meaningful way. We'll learn a little about how science has shown that gratitude improves happiness, and think about our own role models for gratitude.
Led by Denise Flora

November 25:  Giving.. is thanking In Buddhism, we practice offering a mandala - a whole jeweled universe of the best of everything - to our teachers and to the Buddhas. Geshe Sangpo reminds us that this is a wonderful practice for earning merit. On this Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, we'll offer a special mandala, created from items donated to benefit Interact. We'll learn about the practice, and use our day to benefit others! 
Led by Christy Batts, coordinator of our Family Program

Please join us for these exciting special programs!