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Memorial Service for Orion Saah

10:30 am Wednesday, September 22, 2021



We will hold a memorial service to benefit Kadampa Center member Orion Saah, who passed away September 9. 

The service will be at 10:30 am, Wednesday, September 22.

We will offer prayers and special remembrances of Orion's life and his spiritual strengths, to help him as he moves toward his next rebirth.

The service will be available only on Zoom.


This is a prayer service for Orion during a period of time he is in the bardo, a transition state between death and rebirth.

Generally the service takes place two weeks after death to allow the deceased time to lessen attachments to this life. The intention of the prayer service is to encourage Orion to remember his positive qualities and efforts undertaken in the life just departed, and to rely on these qualities in the transition period. Prayers are offered to support a fortunate rebirth so that he can continue to engage in positive actions and pursue the practices that lead to enlightenment, in order to benefit others.

We invite those who wish to offer individual prayers for Orion to visit our page, 49 Days of Prayer for Orion Saah, to download a PDF of prayers and/or sign in with your prayer commitment.