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Translating Tibetan using the Heart Sutra

7:00 pm Thursday, November 14, 2019


Venerable George has translated many texts from Tibetan to English.

In this evening session, he will go through some of the challenges and opportunities of translation, using the Heart Sutra - the Buddha's seminal teaching on emptiness - as his text.

Any student interested in translation of Tibetan Dharma texts is welcome, with or without experience.

Come experience Venerable George's clear and engaging teaching style!

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Supporting the teachings

Supporting the teachings is an incredibly powerful and important act -- it is a practice of the highest form of generosity – giving the means to enlightenment. Kadampa Center has for many years operated within the ideal of offering teachings without charging a fee, so that money is not an obstacle for anyone to hear the precious teachings and participate in the practices. We rely on the generous hearts of those who are moved to support the spiritual offerings and keep them open to everyone regardless of ability to pay. Supporting the teachings benefits not just the Center and those who attend, but it also greatly benefits the donor, because it creates the causes to meet the teachings again in future lives, and deepens the connection with the teacher. 

Kadampa Center offers two ways to support the teachings: Sponsorships and Donations.

Sponsorships begin at $108.

Sponsors receive:

 - The opportunity to attend a private tea with the teacher at the end of the visit, on Saturday, November 16. We must receive the sponsorship by Wednesday, November 13  to assure your place at the tea.

 - The opportunity to write a personal dedication that we will post on the gompa door for all to share.  We must receive the sponsorship and dedication by Wednesday, November 6  to assure we have time to print and post your dedication.

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Supporting the teachings is a two-step process

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Dedications may be very simple - "For my mother, Rosemary" - or they might encompass more extensive spiritual wishes, such as "May these teachings be the cause to liberate all sentient beings," or wishes for the teacher's long life, to benefit a person who is ill - any heart-felt positive intention!  You also can dedicate for more than one intention.

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Venerable George Sponsorship Opportunities


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Venerable George Donation Opportunities


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